E2 Recruiting staff is hired based on their desire to make a positive difference in candidates life and a company's growth for personal & financial reward.Our staff has spent more time in your shoes as a candidate than as a recruiter.  We understand the pro's & con's of a recruiter in the candidates perception and work together as a team to assist you in finding the right opportunity.Our candidates enjoy the unique experience of working with seasoned professionals to assist them in determining their career direction and personal growth opportunities. We listen, we consult and we take action.

Based on your preferences, we will identify and present to you only the positions that accurately reflect your chosen professional path. We will discuss opportunities in detail with you, respect your choices and ask your permission to proceed with client presentations of your background and experience. We will brief you and prepare you for all client meetings, and once the interview process is complete, provide you with feedback in a timely manner.

Please e-mail your resume using the resume submittal page or feel free to reach us by phone at 813-265-3400 will be held in the strictest of confidence. Our goal is to assist you in finding that "perfect fit" between your skills and experience and the right career opportunity.
 We are very direct and with constructive criticism and praise. The Reality:60+% of the hiring decision is based on the chemistry between the mgmt interview team and the candidate. The other 40% is based on your value proposition (what you bring to the organization) like below:  Sales Resumes must include at the top:            1 – Technology Sold and familiar with            2 – Territory & Contacts/rolodex/Clients            3 – Past sales success  Technical Resumes must include at the top:            Technology knowledge (distinguish each as a implemented, user, administrator)            Any certifications            State specifically what you want to do pre/post sales engineering, tech support, etc..  Best resume tip to give is it to include this information at the top of your resume. 

Most company will want to know why you left all your past employers especially if you were employed their under 3 years.


"E2 Recruiting sure did a great job, and found us exactly the employee we were looking for. Thanks E2 Recruiting!"
- Satisfied Client


"The E2 Recruiting team really helped me prepared my resume, profile and my interviewing skills to assist me in landing a great job."
- Satisfied Candidate


"Gary Jacobs IT background and now recruiting expertise has greatly assisted my firms recruiting of Sales and Sales Engineers who were not listed on any job boards."
- Satisfied Client


"Thanks to E2 Recruiting who helped me find a great opportunity for my carreer, financially and quality of life (work-life balance). Thanks E2 Recruiting!"
- Satisfied Candidate


"Andrew Tepper has established himself as a valuable resource over te past 3 years working together suporting one of our largest clients with technical contractors for their data center and help desk."
- Satisfied Client


"Brian Abbott did a wonderful job, and found me exactly the position I was looking for making more money than I ever thought possible. Thank you so much Brian!"
- Satisfied Candidate


"Kyle Wright did a great job communicating and preparing me during the interview process.  Although I did not get the job, he continued to assist me and care about helping me find my next opportunity."
- Satisfied Candidate





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